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Our Classrooms

"Space speaks. Architects and designers know this; young children know it too. Every day, they are reading the environments through which they navigate. The environment is a teacher. When we can read its many layers as children do, we can use it as an ally." ~ Karyn Callaghan

We believe that the environment is also a teacher. Our classrooms are carefully prepared, yet flexible to the needs of the students. We purchase high quality materials and equipment. We want things to last and to hold up to the play of our eager learners.

At Once Upon A Time, we have teachers with a mix of skills and experiences. All of our full-time teachers are skilled and trained in early childhood education. All of our staff are brought together by a shared commitment to providing the best care and education for children and their families.

Our teachers are supported in their work by a director, an educational director, an assistant director, assistants, a cook, and our maintenance and custodial staff.


Infant / Toddler Room 103

Toddler Room 105

Toddler Room 106

Preschool Room 102 / PA Pre-K Counts

Preschool Room 101 / PA Pre-K Counts (Summer School Age and Students Headed to K)

Floating Staff

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