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Career Opportunities

Once Upon A Time is a rewarding place to work. We are a community of teachers, administrative staff, and families working together to create a high quality and loving environment in which our children can grow, play and learn.

We prefer applicants for early learning positions with degrees in early childhood education and who have previous experience working with young children. However, we know wonderful teachers with unrelated degrees, so if you have strong experience working with children,

please email us your resume.

A candidate for the School Age program should hold a degree in elementary education or recreation. School age teaching positions are seasonal.

Have you ever thought about continuing your education to earn a degree or credential in Early Childhood Education? Are you not sure where to start or don't think you can afford it? Whether you're a first time or returning college student, T.E.A.C.H. and our center can help you get started.

We're Hiring

(as of 6/7/24) We are still looking for a new Cook to join our program. This is a full-year, non-exempt position. Please email us for more information, the job description, and an application. 



We are always looking for great substitutes! If you have experience working with young children who are not related to you, employed or volunteer, and are available to work occasional full days or on short notice, please email us.


Nondiscrimination Policy Statement Equal Employment Opportunity

An open and equitable personnel system will be established and maintained. Personnel policies, procedures and practices will be designed to prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin, age or sex.


Employment opportunities shall be provided for applicants with disabilities and reasonable accommodation(s) shall be made to meet the physical or mental limitations of qualified applicants or employees.


Any employee who believes they have been discriminated against may file a complaint of discrimination with any of the following:


Once Upon A Time

925 Henderson Avenue                                              

Washington, PA  15301           


Commonwealth of Pennsylvania                                PA Human Relation Commission

Department of Human Services                                 Pittsburgh Regional Office

Bureau of Equal Opportunity                                     301 Fifth Avenue

Room 225, Health & Welfare Building                        Suite 390, Piatt Place

P.O. Box 2675                                                             Pittsburgh, PA  15222

Harrisburg, PA  17110  


Commonwealth of Pennsylvania                                US Department of Health & Human Services                         

Department of Human Services                                 Office for Civil Rights              

Bureau of Equal Opportunity                                      Suite 372, Public Ledger Building

Western Regional Office                                            150 South Independence Mall West  

301 Fifth Avenue                                                         Philadelphia, PA  19106-9111

Suite 410, Piatt Place                                                                                                  

Pittsburgh, PA  15222-1210      

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