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Once Upon A Time charges families tuition for child care and education services. In addition, we serve families who receive child care subsidy as well as families eligible for tuition assistance through the Infant Toddler Contracted Slots program and the Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts program. Fees are reviewed annually. We make every effort to contain costs while maintaining the highest standards of quality. We are aided in this effort by the support of the Keystone STARS program, Infant Toddler Contracted Slots Program, and PA Pre-K Counts.


Separate fees are charged for infants/toddlers (birth through 36 months), preschoolers (37 months through the child's first day of Kindergarten), and school agers (first day of Kindergarten through age 12). Tuition is adjusted as children age.


  • A 10% discount is offered for older siblings.

  • An extended hours fee of $5 per half hour or any part thereof is charged after 10 hours of care in one day. This fee is charged for each child.

  • A late fee of $20 for each 30 minutes late or any part thereof will be added to your bill for any pick-ups after closing time. This fee is charged for each child. Consistent lateness may result in termination of care.

  • A tuition deposit equal to two weeks of tuition must be paid and will be held by Once Upon A Time for each child enrolled. This deposit may be applied to your bill if you give us two week's written notice of withdrawal.

  • Payments may be made on a monthly, biweekly, or weekly basis - in advance. Payments are due no later than Monday morning for that week of service. Accounts that are not in good standing at the end of any calendar month will be charged a late payment fee of $49 or 10% of the balance due, whichever is lower.

  • Families who wish to change their child’s times of enrollment at Once Upon A Time, must submit a written request to do so two weeks in advance of the proposed change.  Schedule changes are subject to a schedule change fee of $15.00.

We only accept School Age students during the summertime.























Once Upon A Time does not charge for meals, snacks, Similac Advance formula, special visitors to the program, toothpaste, toothbrushes, diapers/pull-ups, wipes, and other program specific items.  


Once Upon A Time does not offer vacation or sick leave for children. Students are not required to attend all their enrolled days in a given week, but the tuition rate remains the same regardless of attendance due to the low number of spots available, low teacher-to-student ratio and continuity of care for our students.


A written notice from the parent/guardian is required at least two weeks prior to withdrawal. Withdrawal forms are available in the school office. If notice is not given, final bills will include additional tuition charges equal to two weeks tuition following the final day of attendance. 


Once Upon A Time aims to help children grow and thrive in a safe and stimulating setting that is respectful of them, their families and our staff. We comply with all relevant laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act. We make every effort to work with families to address concerns that arise which may compromise our ability to successfully reach these goals. In the event that attempts to work with families to resolve concerns and issues fail, we reserve the right to terminate services. We will give two weeks’ notice of termination, unless the safety and welfare of families, children, staff and/or the integrity and professional standing of the center is in immediate jeopardy.


Termination of a family’s agreement with Once Upon A Time may result from, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Nonpayment of fees. Families will receive a letter if an account is in arrears. Families will be notified that care will be terminated two weeks after the notification if the fee has not been paid in full or other arrangements made.

  • Failure to comply with Pennsylvania child care licensing regulations as stated in Pennsylvania Code Title 55. Public Welfare, Chapter 3270. Child Care Centers. Noncompliance includes, but is not limited to providing required paperwork for file (e.g., current health appraisals and updated emergency contact information).

  • Failure to comply with program policies as stated in the Family Handbook.

  • Refusal to follow up on a referral for professional services recommended by the program (e.g., recommendation for developmental and/or behavioral evaluation/consultation).

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