Infant / Young Toddler Class

The Infant/Young Toddler classroom is where our youngest students begin.

In this program, students follow their own individual schedules of routine care while incorporating some group activities.

A series of simple exercises and games are presented to the children not only for physical, but also psychological and intellectual progress.

Our center provides any toileting supplies that may be necessary such as diapers or pull-ups and wipes. These are included at no extra charge. We also provide Similac Advance EarlyShield for babies on formula, as well as infant cereal and baby food. Breast milk or other types of formula may be provided by families. A Mother's Guide from USDA has information, tips and resources to help moms and babies prepare for breastfeeding options when your baby is in a child care program. 













The Infant/Young Toddler classroom is organized with many different learning materials which allow the children to explore, play, and learn. Our center opens at 6am. Weather permitting, we’ll spend some time outside. We follow each child’s individual schedule and break for morning/afternoon snack and lunch. Again, according to each child’s schedule, we settle down for a nap as needed. We head outside again, weather permitting, in the afternoon. 

Students may attend as many or few days as families wish, however, we only offer one tuition rate for infants. This means that a family is purchasing one whole student slot, which can be used up to 10 hours per day, up to five days per week.
For the infant program, we cannot accommodate alternative enrollment requests.

We believe that all families, regardless of income, deserve high quality child care and education. Students in this classroom may have their tuition funded privately (family pays the full tuition amount), subsidized (through the Child Care Works program), funded through Pennsylvania's Infant Toddler Pilot Program, funded by the Early Head Start program, or a combination thereof.


What to bring to school:

  • Families are requested to bring in 2-3 seasonally-appropriate complete changes of clothes (including socks!), labeled with their child’s name. Besides toileting accidents, sometimes we get messy in our play, necessitating a change.


  • We encourage you to bring in pictures of your family – you can include any members of your family and even pets.  


  • If your child uses them, please bring us four bottles. We will affix NameBubbles® round write-on labels with your child’s name on them. These are durable, long-lasting but not permanent stickers which allow us to label your child’s bottles. These labels are dishwasher-safe. We have a commercial dishwasher on site to wash our bottles and dishes in, or you may choose to take bottles home daily for cleaning.


  • For infants up to 12 months, please provide us with an index card with your child’s usual daily routine.

Optional items:

  • Pacifier

  • Halo-style sleep sack

  • Wet/dry bag(s) for soiled clothing

Our center uses the DailyConnect application to share information with families. It replaces the informational daily sheet with an email at the end of the day. We record feedings, naps, diapers, and some activities. Families can access the information in real time, via the end of day email, or they may download the app to their phone or tablet.

Students are transitioned to the Toddler Rooms, typically between 13-18 months of age, as space becomes available.

Classroom Staff

Carly Burt is a Group Supervisor with the Infant/Young Toddler group.

She holds degrees in Early Childhood and Special Education from Waynesburg University.

Ms. Burt was appointed in September, 2013.

She typically works with the Infants and Young Toddlers 1-2 weekdays.

Carly Burt

Infant Toddler Program

Brittany Pav is an Assistant Group Supervisor with the Infant/Young Toddler group.

She has earned a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential from Carlow University.

Ms. Pav was appointed in October, 2016.

She typically works with the Infants and Young Toddlers 4 days per week.

Brittany Pav

Infant Toddler Program

Marcey Vaden is an Assistant Group Supervisor with the Infant/Young Toddler group.

She has is pursuing a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential.

Ms. Vaden was appointed in October, 2019.

She typically works with the Infants and Young Toddlers 4 days per week.

Marcey Vaden

Infant Toddler Program

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