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Toddler Room 105

Toddler Room 105 is always on the move!

The Toddler class is comprised of students aged 2-3 years. In this program, students follow a group schedule of routine care including snack and meal times, free play, teacher-directed activities, and toileting.

Our center provides any toileting supplies that may be necessary such as diapers or pull-ups and wipes. These are included at no extra charge. We also serve meals & snacks throughout the day through our participation in the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

The Toddler classroom is organized with many different areas which allow the children to explore, play, and learn.

Though our center opens at 6:00am, our Toddler day really gets going about 7:30am. Weather permitting, we’ll spend some time outside. We break for morning snack at 10:00am and lunch at 11:45am. After lunch, we settle down for a nap until 2:30pm. Students may additionally nap at any time they are tired. We head outside again, weather permitting, after naptime, and then have an afternoon snack. About 3:30 we have afternoon lessons then free play time until pick up.

The center closes at 6:00pm. 

What to bring to school:

  • Families are requested to bring in 2-3 seasonally-appropriate complete changes of clothes (including socks!), labeled with their child’s name. Besides toileting accidents, sometimes we get messy in our play, necessitating a change.


  • We encourage you to bring in pictures of your family – you can include any members of your family and even pets.  

Optional items:

  • Wet/dry bag(s) for soiled clothing

Our center uses the DailyConnect application to share information with families. It replaces the informational daily sheet with an email at the end of the day. We record feedings, naps, diapers/toileting, and some activities. Families can access the information in real time, via the end of day email, or they may download the app to their phone or tablet.

Students are transitioned to the Preschool program typically in June or September, after they have their 3rd birthday.

We believe that all families, regardless of income, deserve high quality child care and education. Students in this classroom may have their tuition funded privately (family pays the full tuition amount), subsidized (through the Child Care Works program), funded by the Early Head Start or Infant Toddler Contracted Slots program, or a combination thereof.

Classroom Staff

Deena Hennon is a Group Supervisor with the Toddler class.

She holds an Associate degree in Early Childhood from the Community College of Allegheny County.

Ms. Hennon typically works with the Toddlers 5 days per week.

Deena Hennon

Toddler Program


Jackie Roberts is an Assistant Group Supervisor with the Toddler class.

She has earned a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential from Carlow University.

Ms. Roberts was appointed in October, 2011.

She typically works with the Toddlers every weekday.

Jackie Roberts

Toddler Program

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